If we’re not very aware we can get caught in “the drift” of life. That is slowly moving away from where you want to be in life, little by little, over time. This can take place in just about every aspect of our lives: health, professional, relationships, financial, spiritual, anywhere. After a while it seems we’re so far off course that it’s impossible to escape. That’s when we settle. We accept our “lot in life” and lay idle in disappointment.

BUT what many don’t know is that you can change things – you can totally reinvent yourself and create a much better outcome for yourself. You just need to know what the process looks like so you can begin to head down that path. In this episode we’ll go over the exact steps you need to take to reinvent yourself to a new and improve version of yourself.

In This Episode

  • Awareness
  • Initiation
  • Investigation
  • Embarkation
  • Uncertainty
  • Recommitment
  • Reinvention
  • Fortification

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